Latest News, Continued

Aug. 14, 2021 PMF Newsfeed: Announcing, “3:16 Blend” our very own coffee label coming soon!  With special thanks to Brian Viers, CEO, Viers Coffee for partnering up with the advocacies of Project Michelangelo Foundation.

Aug. 13, 2021 PMF Newsfeed: Angel Doc Ted Everest Doc Esguerra delivery of hope to the sick & the needy in Manila.

Thank you angel bro Doc Ted for always staying ignited to help others & inspire all our angels. You are loved, we are all behind you & around you.

Godspeed, Angelus domini venit (the angel of the Lord cometh)

Aug. 6, 2021 PMF Newsfeed
Doc Ted empowers the children of Tawi-Tawi, Mindanao, Philippines.

Thank you angel bro Ted Everest Doc Esguerra for your dedication to humanity beginning with the true hope of the future, the poor children of Tawi-Tawi, Mindanao, Philippines. The island of Mindanao has always been a region of strife & indifference to the extent that there have always been dissidents versus government armed forces. Ignorance, extreme ideological philosophies, & a generalization of views maintain the wars in thie islands. Education of the children & acknowledgment of God rather than indoctrination of past eras, remain still, the most viable approach for a better Philippines.

Our PMF angels are always in the midst of these conflicts but with a belief in our missions & reliance of Divine protection, we continue to march onward, upward, & Godward.

Kudos & acknowledgement as well to our angel bro Bro Martin Francisco, who is also stationed in the same region teaching & preaching the Gospels of Jesus Christ. Thank you, God love you, & God bless you.

REPOST from Doc Ted Everest Doc Esguerra:
“We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.” (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

I had the chance to inspire the school children in Languyan, Tawi-Tawi on How To Live Their Dreams...

I would like to quote Rhondell Paraiso: "This reality reminds us parents and educators to teach our children well. Keep them in school. Raise them well so that they will become good parents too. It is better... easier to build a strong youth, than to repair a damaged man. Our children is our best contribution to our country. Let us give our country the best that we can produce."

Dedicated to Jojo Sayson Project Michelangelo Angels who find their own heavens with the children...

Aug. 9, 2021 PMF Newsfeed angel ambassador Bella, daughter of PMF angel Janette Doria-De Guzman Alberto of New Jersey, USA, was featured on the 1st edition of Aspire magazine. Congratulations!

Aug. 2, 2021 PMF Newsfeed:  Angel Muffit Docdocil leads a tree planting initiative in Apo Macote, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Northern Mindanao, Philippines.  This area is one of the flood prone areas within the city. Recently there have been two flood incidents in the second quarter of 2021. The SDRRM team with the coordination of the PMF Basakan Volunteers and Northern Mindanao of Jojo Sayson's Project Michelangelo Foundation International, conducted a Disaster Preparedness initiative thru weekly tree planting, growing and parenting program every Friday of the week from 8 am to 10 am. Teachers were motivated to plant fruit trees along the creek in the community. Students were instructed to plant trees in their community as an alternative activity since they were not allowed to enter the school premises due to the COVID lockdown and social contact restrictions.  The main purposes of this program included the following: 1. Let the community understand the importance of tree planting and growing and; 2. Teach Disaster resilience and preparedness not just in school but for the community to ensure the safety of everyone when natural disasters strike.

Aug. 2, 2021 PMF Newsfeed:
Hug-a-baby missions report 2016-2021

Thank you angel Xyra Grey for creating this great video to showcase what our PMF family can do in one island in the Philippines! Let's keep the momentum going angels, heroes, & superheroes!

Click to watch: Project Michelangelo: Hug-a-baby Missions in Samar Island, Philippines 2016-2021 report - YouTube

July 30, 2021 PMF Newsfeed;
Congratulations on all these accolades for a job more than well done angel bro Rudy Derez of Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines. Keep the fire of PMF volunteerism burning brightly!

July 25, 2021: S.O.S. Project Michelangelo Foundation fund drive:

In this day & age, there are still wonderful people out there doing good for others. I thank those who chose Project Michelangelo Foundation (PMF) as their flagship in volunteerism & donations. Mother Theresa advised us "Give until it hurts." Since 2011, PMF comprised of the most beautiful souls on the planet, keeps on giving. Our funds are needing replenishment as we have temporarily stopped soliciting in consideration of the hardship to personal incomes from the COVID pandemic since last year. However, we have stretched our capabilities to the max & now could use some help.

Please help us help the children who rely on us. All our angels & heroes are all volunteers & receive no remunerations nor salaries including myself. 100% of all our proceeds go directly to our logistics fyi.

To help, you can make a donation through our Gofundme account at; Venmo (please private message Jojo Sayson; a check made to Project Michelangelo Foundation, 586 William Latham Dr. Suites 3 & 4, Bourbonnais, IL 60914 USA; or in the Philippines through our Philippines Executive Director, Mr. Enrico L. De Guzman (please private message him on FB).

If you ask why I (we) do this? It is because I am always in pain. Pain felt when children are in pain & I could not help all of them. All our angels & heroes feel the same.

Hope to feel your love - Jojo Sayson, President/Founder PMF International

July 14, 2021 PMF Newsfeed:
Go go go & shine the light for others to find the way. Thank you angel bro Ted Everest Doc Esguerra… shine brother, you carry PMF colors well & for this I bless you more…

Dare to ignite your passions - Jojo Sayson

July 13, 2021 PMF News:
Thank you angel bro Rhondell Paraiso for creating this poster to show the coalition of humanitarian resources that with partnership with the US Embassy in Manila together with angel bro Ted Everest Doc Esguerra et al, in response to the fatal C-130 plane crash in the Philippines with over 52 military casualties.

Our resources are dwindling but we will always find a way. Thank you so much for representing your PMF family angel bro Ted Everest Doc Esguerra.

We are one - Jojo Sayson

July 5, 2021 PMF Newsfeed:
Thank you angel bro Doc Ted Everest Doc Esguerra for representing PMF in the emergency assistance in the wake of the crash of a Philippine Airforce C-130 cargo plane in Jolo, Mindanao, Philippines.

Dear PMF family,
We are currently participating in assisting with medical supplies sent to the victims of the C-130 plane crash in the Philippines. Thank you angel bro Ted Everest Doc Esguerra for initiating our participation in collaboration with multiple organizations. The medical supplies are received.

July 19, 2021 PMF Newsfeed: Presenting one of our precious angels in New York featured on GMA Pinoy who has helped our Progeria children tremendously in the recent past. Thank you angel Augelyn Francisco (aka DjChinita Na Pogi), owner of the Filipino restaurant "Kabisera NYC," and our Igorot angel…very proud of this woman.

June 10, 2021 PMF Newsfeed: Our very own angel VP Doc Ime Cruz of New York, performed song renditions together with Miss Philippines Rabiya at Sheraton Hotel for a fundraiser last June 20 in New York!  To date, angel Doc Ime to date has been donating part of her proceeds from the sale of a jazz CD she specifically recorded as a fund raising initiative for our PMF missions for children. To hear her awe inspiring music do subscribe to her Youtube Channel “Doc Ime Cruz.”

July 3, 2021 PMF Newsfeed
: MISSION: R.E.A.C.H "Community First Responders Training Course" for the PMF Volunteers - Guardians Central Mindanao. Thank you angel bro Hasaad Sinsuat.  The mission objective is to equip the volunteers with the necessary skills to help save a limb or life on emergencies that they may encounter or called upon to respond. It was participated by 21 good souls who pledged to be the light and hope to others. Onwards we go!

May 31, 2021 PMF Newsfeed: Congratulations to our PMF scholars with high honors and accolades: 

With the guidance of our angel bro Enrico L. de Guzman, our 2 scholars from the province of Bulacan, Philippines worked so hard to become top of their classes.  For the year 2020-21, our Lianne became no. 1 in Grade 10 while Gio earned the no. 2 spot in Grade 9. They deserved to receive their certificates of recognition and gleaming medals. PMF is very proud of you though despite of hardships in life, still came out on top.

May 23, 2021: PMF Newsfeed: Our PMF angel Board of Director Trina Parks is now back on the road in the continental USA making celebrity appearances & signing autographs in person! She has since then been making appearances with dance and song renditions in various events in the USA! Angel Trina was also a past covergirl for Angel Rising Magazine in celebration of this amazing Hollywood Star, aka the 1st Black James Bond girl in Hollywood to appear on the silver screen in “Diamonds are Forever” with 007 Sean Connery.

This year, 2021, there was the ground breaking of the “TRINA PARKS VETS22 SUICIDE PREVENTION HOUSE”, being built, in Tucker, Georgia for all Vets. According to angel Trina, there are at least ‘22’ Vets in the USA who commit or attempt to commit suicide. Because of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or loss of a limb from combat, and they could not be treated immediately at their local Veterans hospitals. At this “house,” they can receive help for mental health and so much more, right away! You are one amazing woman!

May 19, 2021 PMF Newsfeed:
Congratulations on celebrating 25 years as a Doctor of Medicine in the field of Physical Med & Rehab aka Physiatry.

“Guess, I’m predestined into this specialty. My pre-med is Physical Therapy and my first patient ever was my father who had stroke with dense right hemiplegia/paralysis from a moderate brain bleed. Installed parallel bars in our house and in one month’s time, he was walking without any gait aid.” – angel Doc Ime

May 11, 2021 PMF Newsfeed:
Thank you angel Doc Sylvia Agudo Pacle, our angel doc team leader! Our Hug-a-Baby for Christmas thru the New Year Balikbayan Boxes Mission Accomplished in Northern Samar, Philippines!

With special thanks to our Angel Team Leader Lia Kemnetz & the receiving angel Doc Maria Sylvia Agudo Pacle & her team, all the 7 large Balikbayan Boxes arrived intact & all the goodies distributed to the needy children & moms! Feel the love my dear PMF family. Thank you to all the donors & all those who assisted, cared, & prayed.